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Conveyor Belt Repair Materials

Conveyor Belt Repair Materials – Premium
CN Bonding Layer
RUITA Conveyor Belt Repair Materials are black, highly elastic, premium grade, wear resistant natural rubber strips or patches designed for use to repair conveyor belt covers. They have excellent resistance to large particle impact, gouging and dry sliding abrasion and can be used on a wide variety of conveyor belt cover grades.

Conveyor Belt Repair bands and repair patches are supplied with a specially formulated Neoprene based CN Bonding Layer to achieve ultimate adhesion when bonded to rubber conveyor belt surfaces. To achieve this ultimate bond strength, the  RUBBER PRO range of cold vulcanising adhesives is recommended.

Conveyor Belt Repair Materials are supplied with a feathered edge to allow the repair strip or patch to completely merge with the existing conveyor belt cover. This reduces potential catch points and the risk of having the repairs pulled off during operation. Repair Band and Repair Patches can be supplied plain or with heavy nylon fabric reinforcement for maximum puncture resistance.

The CN Bonding Layer and RUBBER PRO  adhesive system is extremely flexible and allows for good bond strength to be achieved even in adverse site conditions often encountered when the application is occurring on operational equipment.