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conveyor belt cleaner

Primary belt scraper system with a polyurethane blade and a spring lever tension unit for the cleaning of conveyor belt top covers at the head pulley. The polyurethane blade is attached to the system support structure yet can revolve around its own axis,

if necessary. The scraper blade optimally adjusts to the belt surface and guarantees effective and belt-friendly cleaning. Precise contact pressure is achieved by a spring lever tension unit.

1.Highly effective cleaning through perfect adaptation of the polyurethane bar to the belt‘s surface
2. Long service life through the use of
highly wear-resistant polyurethane
3.Suitable for use with mechanical joints Easily fitted and adjusted, low?maintenance due to the use of the
tension springs
4 Also suited for reverse operation and for use with spherical pulleys
5 A version for underground use is also available (ATEX-suitable) as well as aspecial version in stainless steel
6. For belt widths up to 2200 mm and pulley diameters from 500 up to 1600 mm
7. Designed for service temperatures from 40 °C to +7

Area of application
Universally applicable as a pre-cleaner or main cleaner for many types of materials such as sand, gravel, hard coal, lignite, ores, sinter, cement and in the chemical industry.